The EFactor Group is the world’s leading social network, content aggregator and provider of resources to Entrepreneurs, all housed under one roof.

The EFactor Group was created with the strategic objective of taking business owners through an entire value chain of resources and services which will greatly enhance their business’s chances of success. We are here to inspire, support and enthuse people to build a better business.

The EFactor Group has identified that in any economic downturn, there is an acute need for a one-stop shop where Entrepreneurs can find the knowledge and resources they need. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor dated 19 Jan. 2012 (GEM):

“GEM finds an upsurge in entrepreneurship around the world – entrepreneurs are now numbering near 400 million in 54 countries — with millions of new hires and job creation expectations in the coming years.”

In line with this strong growth, and where new business owners are starting out – there is an increasing demand for simple tools and services that help these business owners create success. This is where the The EFactor Group Ecosystem comes into its own.